EdgeIT Consulting Services

We provide a full suite of implementation services, focusing on experienced consultants with credible implementation experience:

PeopleSoft Data Migration and Conversion - we offer a conversion product Conversion Edge that is tightly integrated with PeopleSoft which allows your functional staff to setup and execute data migration from legacy systems with minimal technical involvement. This ensures a high data quality and avoids development of costly custom conversion programs. Dynamic SQL generation, dynamic editing and compatibility with current PeopleSoft Portal technologies and Component Interface ensures valid data and proper interfacing of converted data.

SaaS CRM, HCM and FSCM configuration, conversion and interface design and development - We will help you lower the total cost of ownership of your Software as a Service products through business process optimization and robust interface and report design and development.

Turn-Key and custom Web Applications - we are committed to developing the best and lowest cost transactional web applications with leading open source technologies. Linux Apache MySql Php Stack and Ruby on Rails

Project Management - we offer experienced project managers for all of the products we service.

Business Process Automation - we have a proven track record of providing automation services to Fortune 500 companies. We developed a US Government I9 automation process for a major client in 2005, prior to eForms and have built on that experience to designed and employ services that provide efficiency and significant return on investment.

Customization - we specialize in well designed customizations of packaged software.

Testing - we provide a comprehensive suite of testing tools and methodologies. We have established a reputation for sorting out the most thorny system issues and providing our clients with critical troubleshooting that comes from deep experience with PeopleSoft.

Deployment - we are experienced in global deployment of your software products, providing planning and guidance with distribution.

Production Support - large development projects and upgrades typically require more substantial staffing augmentation. We also assist with maintaining a high standard of maintenance and reliability, and our consultants are often the last external staff at our clients.

On-Shore Outsourcing Services - we strongly believe in the efficacy and cost savings of a focused group of off site consultants producing project based deliverables. We differ from much of our competition because we do not see the necessity of going off shore to deliver quality and value. From our base in Asheville, NC we are able to attract exceptional talent that is willing to compromise with a living wage to enjoy the benefits a stable life in such a stunningly beautiful area. It complimentary to our east coast clients who benefit with highly competitive rates and staff working the same schedule as permanent client personnel.